Kidney Stone Prevention

Kidney stones are not formed in all the people. It only forms in people who have the tendency towards stone formation. There are various theories for formation of renal stone. The most accepted theory is excess amount of calcium and oxalates in the urine will lead to sedimentation in the kidney (papilla region) and starts to become crystals. These crystals, over a period of time will continuously get sediment and transforms into calculus. Adequate fluid intake will lead to continuous urine production & which enables expulsion of the tiny crystals and prevents further growth of the stone.

Adequate fluid intake keeps the urine flow continuous throughout the day and night. This can be achieved by taking 150-200ml of fluid every 1 hour. Usually people take 1-2 litre of water at a time which will produce urine in 15-20 mints and rest of the time the kidney will be dry. This should be avoided. The crystals will be washed out only if the urine output is constant and continuous this will be achieve only on fluid intake (100-200ml) on hourly basis. If the urine output is not continuous the crystals will come together and form a large stone. If the stone grows more than 8mm it will get struck in the urinary path..

In hot climatic conditions, there is significant sweating which leads to reduced urine output. This will promote crystal aggregation which leads to stone formation. So during excess sweating one should take fluids equal to the amount lost in sweat.
Once a patient is diagnosed to have kidney stone, he / she is at 50% risk for recurrence of the stone in next 4-5years.

Diet & Life Style Modification to prevent stone formation:

1) Avoid excess salt intake.
2) Reduce red meat intake.
3) Tea & Coffee should be avoided.
4) Avoid food containing oxalates like spinach & chocolates.
5) Weight reduction.(keep your BMI between 21-24.9)

If you follow the above mentioned habits, there is significant chance of reduction of stone recurrence.

Myth on kidney stones

1.Will intake of tomato seed produces kidney stones ?.

No, there is no relation between intake of tomato & kidney stone formation.

2. will intake of Banana stem juice reduce the chances of kidney stone formation?.

Banana stem is rich in fibre, So it can be prepared in the form of salad. It can remove oxalate & calcium in blood. Hence kidney stone production may be reduced. But it will lose fibre when the stem is made into Juice.

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