International patient

International Patients from other countries, who wish to consult and undergo surgery or treatment can make use of our customised International Patient care programme. Once your treatment is completed at the hospital, you can visit any exotic locations nearby for taking rest.

How International Patient Care Programme works?

STEP 1 : Patients should send their scan / lab reports via email to Kalyani Kidney Care Centre.
STEP 2 : Doctors analyze your reports and suggest you the right treatment (Email / Phone / Skype).
STEP 3 : Once the patient agrees to take up the programme, He/She can fly down to India.
STEP 4 : In India, the patient undergoes the treatment at Kalyani Kidney Care Centre.
STEP 5 : After treatment, the patient can take rest in any of exotic locations nearby and return to their home country.

Travel / Tour Assistance

Kalyani Kidney Care Centre, through their network of travel associates can assist you in flight travel, conveyance, accomodation and other travel related requirements.

Exotic locations around Erode

1. Ooty
2. Kodaikanal
3. Munnar
4. Wayanad
5. Bandhipur Forest Resorts

Among other kidney specialist hospitals in Erode, we provide International Patient Care Programme for patients abroad. We assist in conveyance and recovery.