Vacuum Device

Erectile dysfunction due to vascular cases can be arterial or venous. Persistent leak from Emisery veins during erection will lead to loss of erection soon.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments in Erode

Vacuum devices will create the negative pressure which fills the corpora cavernosa withblood. After achieving erection, a ring is applied at the root of penis which maintains erection. The ring can be removed after the sexual intercourse.

Low Intensity Shock wave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Low intensity shock waves induces neovascularization and improves the blood circulation in the corporal bodies. These shock waves increase the Vascular Endothelial Grown Factor (VEGF) release, Nitric oxide (NO) release, stemcell stimulation, Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. These will improve the microcirculation.

Sexual Dysfunction in Erode

This mechanism is very important for the treatment of arteriogenic ED. This treatment is done for 15 minutes weekly once and requires 5-6 sessions. There will not be any pain during the treatment.